Cafe du Vieux Pecheur



2 thoughts on “Cafe du Vieux Pecheur

  1. Dear Matt, greetings from Paris !
    Nice commercial of the 1930’s for a coffee. the tag means “old fisher’s coffee”.
    What is interesting is the fact that this figure is very famous in the region of Manche. The harbor on the rear is Cherbourg, and I found some info on this famous vieux pêcheur:

    his name was Charles Brumant, he lived a long life of adventure and fishing and was very famous in the Manche département for this painting. The text recalls that the old fisher was painted by an artist called Lucien Goubert. This painting was a command for the Exposition-Fair of 1932: the harbor in the background.

    his great-grand son recalls that in this paper:

    Now we know a bit more the vieux pêcheur !

    All the best.


    • Wow, thanks for all the information! I had no idea the image was based on a real person like that. In English – it’s “fisherman” not fisher. Since my French has gone downhill since my days living in Montreal I’m not one to point fingers about language though.

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