Le Billet de Logement


2 thoughts on “Le Billet de Logement

  1. Nice series, titled “the housing note”. Le billet de logement.

    It refers to the practice since the middle ages to house troops with the inhabitants. This practice has persisted up to Napoleon who used it intensively, especially during this campagains abroad… This practice disappeared after the Restauration. It was the cause of much disastisfaction because it imposed forced use of lodging with many problems, some of which are depicted in the series: unforseen romance with the young girl and the soldier, perhaps at the great disapointment of the aunt !

    nice early XXth century series, depicting napoleonic era hussard…



    • Housing soldiers in private homes was also one of the issues in the American Revolution (the Brits would make the Americans pay to be occupied by their colonial masters!). Needless to say, that ended once the revolution was won. In WWII the Nazis took this to a whole new level and just killed people before taking their homes.

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