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  1. Dear Matt, greetings from Paris.
    Very nice image showing the Devine Order of Heaven. We can see God, and the Christ on his cross. What is also striking is the left and right columns which are rarely seen in common religious iconography.

    These two column show by order of heavenly precedence the two lines of Angels: on the left the Cherubim and on the Right the Seraphim. From bottom to top are the lowest to highest ranked heavenly angels. For the Seraphim we have angels, principes and for the cherubim arch-angels, powers, dominations.

    Very interesting image showing the heavenly angeologic hierarchy.

    Notice also that in religious paintings angels are often showed as winged naked babies or young children in robe. The winged babies are cherubim and the young children are seraphim. This is showed in the famous Vierge à l’enfant of Jean Fouquet (1452-1455):

    The model was Agnes Sorel,the mistress of King Charles VII the Victorious whose portrait by Fouquet is famous too. The painting is incredibly modern. We can see in the background seraphim and cherubim.

    All the best and regards.


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