2 thoughts on “Paris

  1. Dear Matt ! greetings from Paris !
    What a relief indeed too here ! At least we averted a great political danger. I will try to sum what we can expect from Macron in the post on the Garçons cover.

    For now, let me comment the nice photograph from the famous Eugène Atget series of commerce in the 1900’s Paris. The following link gives some insights in french:

    According to it, the place was a cabaret of maybe situated 25, rue des Blancs-Manteaux, Paris IVe, so near the center of Paris, behind the hotel de ville and near the Halles. It was many centuries old already. As many working-class cabaret the ensign indicated the general profession of the customers, so it was a soldiers cabaret. Given the costume of the soldier, it seems to have been opend may be in the XVIth century but without any certainty. Notice the ensign is fixed above the door, because during the XVIIIth century ensigns were too numerous and posed a hazard to passerbys and riders too. It was just enforced during the XIXth century to fix ensigns on the walls of the establishments.

    Sadly, the building did not survived and was sold in 1937 to be destroyed for another construction.

    Just in passing, I visited yesterday the following exposition about the work of the romanian emigree photograph Elie Lotar:

    Lotar worked with the surrealists and took very beautiful photographs of Paris in the 1920s and 1930s and later. His work has been recognized lately, during the 1990’s ; in many aspects he continued Atget.

    If you have a friend or acquaintance in Paris now, it is a nice exposition to see.

    For your info, it is in the Jeu de Paume in the parc des Tuileries, a gay pick up spot since the XVIIIth century (and still so but very gloomy and shabby, I dont recommend).

    also, the IVth and IIIrd arrondissements of Paris are the gay community places, with lots of very nice places and far more entertaining.

    All the best.



    • Hello Franck! Thanks again for all the background info. I’ll check out that photographer’s site when I have a chance, have always loved Atget. Have always had a great time in Paris (haven’t been in a while though & I’m not one to cruise in parks). Best wishes – Matthew

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