French Resistance fighter taking a break, WWII


2 thoughts on “French Resistance fighter taking a break, WWII

  1. Dear Matt, greetings from Paris !

    Nice pic from Robert Doisneau. It was shot during the Paris uprising of August 1944 which saw the reddition of the german guarrison after a few days of fighting and entry of the famous US 2nd armor division (the french allied forces). A great move underlining the cleverness of the allied command. This averted a civil war in France and allowed to transfer the power to De Gaulle who could thus give its famous speech in Notre-Dame de Paris: “Paris, outragé, mais Paris libéré !”. A great example of political intelligence in an uncertain and very difficult but hopeful period.

    This great event was well depicted in the famous movie “Is Paris burning ?”:

    My grandparents saw it, and my grand father even served as a sergeant in the FFI company of the 17th arrondissement of Paris. He led the men of his section in the assault of the Mairie of the 17th arrondissement where a german detachment was based. The fighting lasted a few days and was very violent, it is described here:

    I live at 5 minutes on foot from the place now.

    I even have a photograph from my grandfather of the whole FFI company posing in front of a buildging in mid-september 1944. If you want I can send you a copy, that would make a nice post. To my knowledge it is a unique photograph that has not been published anywhere. I look at it often as I have it displayed in my salon.

    Very Nice pic.

    All the best.


    • Thanks for all the information, Franck! I look forward to having the opportunity to look at your references – The World War II era in France is of special interest to me. And I’d love to see/post that photograph of your grandfather and others!

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