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  1. Hi, I’m Matthew. I’m a 46 year old gay man living on an island somewhere between Boston and the North Pole.

    This blog is intended primarily to share the wealth of images, videos, etc. I’ve come across on the internet with a few friends. But since this is “out there” on the web I guess anyone can see it too.

    Except for the occasional photo of my own most of these images, GIFs, and videos I did not create and I do not imply any ownership of them. If you are the owner of any copyrighted image I’ve posted and want it removed please let me know. I don’t have any advertising on this blog and do not make any money from this site.

    This site is Rated “R”

    Fasten your seat belts!

    • Hello Mathew, I just came across your site and have been staring at all the images here for about 2 hours now! I love them and thank you for posting such great old photos, ads and of course all the gays! love it!

      from sf bay area.

    • Your site is quite inspiring. The combination of exceptional photography and culture both modern and vintage is unique. In regard to the mystery sailor you posted on the 15th, you’re right, it is a publicity photo and I believe it is actor Bob Crane, best known for of all things, Hogan’s Heroes. He was evidently quite the wild soul off camera, an alleged bisexual swinger and was murdered under very mysterious circumstances. There were sordid rumors at the time of an SM scenario gone wrong. I don’t think anyone really knows to this day and it’s quite possible by this time that anyone who did know the truth have taken it with them to the next realm.

      • Thanks, Terry! Hope you have a great season too. Will be posting a bunch of holiday stuff over the next few weeks but my holiday spirit hasn’t quite made it up to “critical mass” stage yet.

    • Hi matthew do you know anymore about the photos of the men in drag from 1800 – I know the top one is an Albanian image of a man dressed in female catholic clothing, but not the others, if you have any info would be great!

      • I’ve posted pictures of men n drag several times but I think you are referring to the set posed 10/21/14. The only other info I have is that the fourth/last picture is allegedly a “gag” photo from the 1800s where a man’s head was put on a photo of a woman. Do a google image search on the photos and see what you come up with.

    • Hey, Matthew! From way down in Georgetown, Texas I’ve been combing through your site for a couple of months, now, and I think it’s a formidable and comprehensive salute to…well,…everything that’s important and beautiful in this world. It is an oasis for my eyes and a refreshment for my soul, and I thank you for your effort and hard work.

    • Hi Matthew. My name is Victor H. Lopez, owner of the copyright image of ‘Sexy Mexican Men’ (the b/w vintage image of the two men wearing sombreros), which is a photograph from my family’s collection ‘Golden Age of Mexican Photography’ TM . Please do me the favor of removing it from your site and anywhere else you may have placed it. Thank you and I look forward to you reply.


      • Victor, I have removed the picture in question per yer request. Or at least I’m pretty sure I did – a vintage photo of two men wearing sombreors with cigarettes and bottles in their hands? That’s the one I just deleted. I apologize to you and your family for using it I had no idea of its provenance or any copyright. Thank you for asking me nicely, as well. If I didn’ delete the right one let me know and I will do so immediately.

    • I was lead to this link by an ebay listing for a 16mm copy of the movie “Greed”. This is the only known English version of the poster 22×28″ which I discovered in an antique shop and consigned to Heritage Auctions around 2011 when it sold. Your post is around 2013 I’m very curious to know how you came across the image. Don’t worry about any copyright issues since there are non. Your reply would be greatly appreciated.

      • I have absolutely no recollection of where I found it, maybe try going tot he picture and doing a Google Image Search. It certainly wan’t via any auction site, including ebay, because I don’t buy anything like that poster.

      • Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying it all. I’m still more inclined to have a blog like this, where I select fewer but better images and throw them up in some sort of continuous, related thread than just posting hundreds or dozens a day of unrelated images on tumblr or pinterest.

  2. Dear Matthew:

    My name is Kevin Davis. I am the founder of Pretty Peculiar Productions. We are currently in production for a Horror film and would like to use the “She Devil” image found on your site. How can we move forward with this?

    All the best,

    Kevin Davis

    • Hi Kevin,
      I don’t own any of the images on this site except, I suppose, the photos I took myself (which I put online with the knowledge anyone can rip them off). As far as I understand, copyrights lapse after a long time and thus many of the vintage images are no longer protected by copyright. If you are referring to the image I posted on Sept. 29 2012 then that is old enough to no longer be copyrighted, for example. As I don’t make any money off of this site I’m not profiting off anyone else’s images – just sharing what I come across and like. For more specific info I suggest asking a lawyer or something.
      Cheers, Matthew

  3. Hi Matthew, what a super collection of photos you have put together! I do question the black and white photo labeled “Waving to relatives on the other side of the Berlin Wall, 1950s” (it shows up as the bottom of page 989 on my browser). Construction of what we knew as the Berlin Wall didn’t begin until 1961. Could it be later – or perhaps part of the “Inner German Border” which wasn’t technically the Berlin Wall?

    • I think it is actually the Berlin Wall and, you’re right, it must be in the early 1960s then since the wall didn’t go up till 1961. I knew that (really I did) but the cars and styles look 1950s and I just didn’t think it through.

  4. I was looking for an image of Clint Walker, when I was led to your blog.
    What a terrific site! I’m in the middle of Chemistry finals, but will definitely spend some time looking at older posts. Plus, I have a huge collection of Island of Misfit Toys so feel your blog is the best ever.

    • Thanks! Glad you like the site, my collection of odds and ends I come across on the internet that catch my eye. Feel free to stroll around the place when you have the time!

  5. Bonjour , c’est vraiment un blog qui m’a ouvert sur des souvenirs d’enfance , et qui m’a refait un voyage dans le temps .Merci infiniment pour les informations sur le cinéma . Bon courage .

  6. C’est sur que je reviendrais , avec ce blog et pour moi une boite d’archives pleine de surprises .Merci infiniment . A+

    • I don’t own the rights to this or almost all of the pix on this site, they’re just reblogged from other sites.

  7. You have impeccable taste in images, just like mine. Thank you for doing all the work. I’m just sitting here with a glass of wine enjoying it all.

    • Thanks, George! Glad we share the same aesthetic. If doing this blog ever seemed like work I’d probably be less inclined to do it regularly. Living in the wilderness (but with a good internet connection) as I do, I have a little more free time than I would living elsewhere.

  8. Hello Matthew!

    I just came across your blog and I love it so much. Pictures are awesome.
    I’d like to know if I can use a picture you took of Poseidon, to use it as a cover for a book I’m working on?

    That would be awesome. If so, please tell me how should we proceed (if there is anything we need to sign or whatever, I’m not very familiar with that kind of stuff. I would rather buy a stock image but I really do enjoy your pictures).

    See you.


    • Alex, Glad you are enjoying the blog! I’m not sure which exact picture you are talking about. Most of the pictures on this blog I just found around the internet and re-posted – I don’t own them or their copyrights. A lot of the vintage stuff is in the public domain now because their copyrights have expired. I have posted a few pictures that I took and if the picture you want to use is one of them I’d be glad to discuss how you could use it in reproduction. Let me know which picture you are talking about though first. – Matthew

    • Thanks! I do try to stay classy, at least in public. I’ve been to Italy a bunch of times and loved it every time. Skiing around Cortina, a couple of Christmases spent in Taoromina/Sicily, and a bunch of times visiting a friend at her house near Siena.

  9. Hi Matthew and thank you again-I greatly appreciate it. I read your intro to your site and I respect that you are honest about the images. If anyone is interested in the image, please refer them to Etsy …thanks again!


  10. I’m trying to “follow” your Blog, but can’t seem to make your button do that for me. It takes me directly to signing up to make my own blog 😦 Can you help?

    • I’ll look into that and get back to you. Have no idea of the top of my head, though several others have been able to follow recently.

    • hi, the link is still here. And it continues to infringed my personal and professional life. Can you respect it and defenetely delete it?
      THanks a lot

      • I did delete it back when you asked me to do it. The only place it appears is in your comment (above) so I will have to figure out how to delete your original comment/request and then it will be gone from your comment and the link will be gone too. I don;t know why the link works since it’s not on the blog anymore, only in this comment section which I will delete today so it’s all gone.

    • I removed it yesterday from the blog post in which it appeared per your request. However, I cannot figure out how to delete the copy you sent in your message yesterday (see above) but when I do I will delete that too.

    • Hey Manoel! Thanks, glad you’re enjoying the show. I don’t mind in the slightest if you re-post pix – what goes around comes around. (As long you don’t copy every single picture in the exact same order I posted them – that’s actually happened twice). I look forward to checking out your tumblr!

      • I did check out your tumblr – it’s great! I return the compliment and am “borrowing” some pix from you. And I’ll post a link.

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